Final Reflection

  1. What I learned in this course (whether you gained knowledge, skills or attitudes), and what specifically helped me learn it (activities, interactions, readings, videos, etc): (3-4 points)
  2. About myself

This course has enabled me to view myself as a digital user and asses my knowledge of the digital world. I realized that as a user there re multiple things that I wasn’t aware of such as that ones life on the internet is tracked and that there are agencies that work on tracking peoples behaviours on the internet to identify them as a person. The idea that the artificial intelligence of most websites enables them to identify what one likes and study trends to know what to view for which user is something that got me thinking, I opened my YouTube page and scrolled down to see the suggested videos and I was surprised to find most of the music I listen to or the shows I watch suggested for me which showed me how unaware I have been of the ability of the internet to identify its users and categorize them based on their habits.

  1. That I will use in my academic life

From this course I got to understand that not all images one could freely use from the internet, I got to understand and study the idea of copyrights on images. I believe that this is the most important aspect that I would take from this course and use in my other courses throughout my academic life.

  1. That I will use in my social life

Throughout the course we have watched multiple videos that talk about how attached we have become to our phones and our social lives, this got me to understand that the digital world is not the safe place it may seem to be and having understood that I realized that one should be more aware of what is posted online, from the thoughts we put on our states to the images we share. Having an understanding the dangers out there will definitely make me a more careful person when it comes to my social life online.

  1. That I will use in my career

As a petroleum engineer dealing with people from all around the wold is a must. In this course I got to taste what its like to have to interact with people from all around the world with different ideologies from the Soliya programme, this will help me in my career as it showed me that one should keep an open mind when talking to people who come from different backgrounds.

  1. If I were to show someone my learning in this course, I would use these three things that I created (i.e. assignments, blog posts, etc) because…. (3 points)
    1. If I were to show someone what I have learned throughout this course I will start off by showing them my blog posts on WordPress, by looking at those blogposts one would be able to grasp an understanding of the topics viewed in class and studied throughout the semester.
    1. The second thing I will make them look at is my soliya reflection paper which will take them on a ride through my Soliya experience, this can encourage one to try out using Soliya and from it one would understand a lot about digital literacies and the digital world
    1. The final thing I would encourage one to look at are the videos and ted talks viewed in class that talk about the digital world and artificial intelligence as that I believe it is quite important for one to understand the threats and dangers present in the online world.
  1. If I could change 2-3 things about the course to improve it, I would change these things… (explain how) (2-3 points)

If I were to change a couple of things to improve this course I would start by adding extra classes that discuss more about artificial intelligence analysing how such an advance in technology can be seen as a great threat on humanity.

The second thing I would improve in this course is by adding more online activities to be done in class, being a course which is about digital literacies I believe that it should focus more on things that students can do digitally.

The final thing I would add to this course will be making sure that there can be make up sessions for missed soliya sessions by students to ensure that students do not miss out on the Soliya experience due to issues out of hand such as technical issues.

  1. In one sentence: What kind of person should take this course? (1 point)

Everyone, I believe that this course discusses many important topics that should be studied by all students to enable them to understand more about digital literacies and the digital world.

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